Decorative Painting by Jeanine




Jeanine Lynch has been the owner of her own business of decorative painting, faux finishing, murals, and commissioned art on canvas for more than 24 years. She takes classes annually and connects with her peers on a regular bases so that she keeps the most up-to-date knowledge of where the trends are. Purposely watching the trends, and keeping abreast of new finishes and products in the field of decorative painting and faux finishing are important to her. 

From the time she could hold a brush, she has been drawing and painting; her art has always been an expression of her natural gifting.  She sold her first piece of art at only 12 years old.  --A school art project --someone saw it, loved it, and contacted her to purchase it.  

From there, she began expressing herself and selling her art in many forms:  She has worked as personal clothing designer and seamstress, as a poodle clipper/stylist, a make-up artist, a muralist for plays, & was often hired to change a piece of furniture or chandelier into an objet d'art. 

Jeanine has taken some formal art classes, such as Color Theory and Perspective, during her younger years to enhance her skills, but is mostly self taught.  She continues to update her skills and knowledge annually through association with art-world peers, and hands-on classes. 

As an adult, she has taught at Perimeter College (Now GGD) in Atlanta, Georgia, at IDAL Annual Conventions (formerly SALI), Parkwood Christian Academy, Adult Art Classes through community edcuation, and she sometimes takes students into her home for one-on-one, hands-on training and mentoring.  She has been blessed to work in regular everyday and million-dollar-plus homes, and for private businesses.  Jeanine also currently offers classes in art for individuals and groups in acrylic paints.

Jeanine served as Chairman of Education for IDAL, an international, U.S.-based arts guild, from late 2005 through late 2008.  In this position, she sought out, qualified, hired, and set the schedules for artists from all over the world to teach at week long, annual IDAL Conventions. This position as Director of the Education process uniquely enables Jeanine to stay abreast of cutting-edge trends, not only because of the knowledge gained while serving as Education Chair, but also because of the peer relationships developed during her tenure.

Jeanine loves muraling and is an accomplished artist.   She is looking forward to enjoying many years of creating art that reflects her customers' dreams. 

She still extends her hands past painting, into other artistic mediums such as edible- art cakes.  (See:  It Takes The Cake (To Make The Party Complete!)

(Purse, pearls and lipstick are completely edible.) 


Handmade jewelry: