Decorative Painting by Jeanine


Q:  How much can I expect to pay for faux finishing the walls in a normal room?
A:  A *normal room is defined as a 12' x 12' room with an 8' ceiling.  Obviously, you can choose to do a single wall or just a chair rail area, but finishes for full walls start at $500 and go up from there.  The walls almost always have to be re-base-painted first.  Base painting costs around $350 per normal room walls, all materials included. 

When we base paint for you, it is with the finish in mind.  Faux finishes require very specific parameters in order for the finishes to look like the samples you okay.  We use only the top-of-the-line paints, and are very detailed in our work. 

*Note:  baths and kitchens, although very little actual wall space, are usually up-charged as normal sized rooms because of the extended time and difficulties in dealing with the small, cut-up spaces.

Q:  I am thinking of re-doing my cabinets.  What is the cost of replacing cabinets versus putting a painted finish on them?

A:  To replace your cabinets you are looking at, at least $10,000, but usually much higher.

For refinishing the cabinets with paint, the cabinets usually have to be sanded and repainted first. This usually costs between $800 and $1,500. Then depending on the finish chosen, anywhere from $100 per door, or door space, plus $35 per drawer, (with up-charges for items like wine racks, and cabinet interiors). This usually translates to approximately $3,000 - $6,000.

Q:  Do I have to remove the wall paper before putting a textured finish on the wall?
A:  Not necessarily.  Quite often we are able to add texture right over the wall paper, with either minimal or no prep -- which skips the step of removing the wall paper and adds to your savings!

Q: When I removed my wallpaper, the walls became disfigured.  Is there anything I can do besides hiring someone to re-skim-coat the entire room?
A: Yes, we can actually texture right over the problems and transform the “mess” into something beautiful, right before your eyes.

Q: When I had my floors refinished, I was told that, matching railing would cost thousands of dollars. Can this be “fixed” with faux?
A: Railings, newel posts, and really any trim, can be “re-finished” with paint to look exactly like your new floors. The finishes are durable and inexpensive, usually ranging from about $200-$800.

Q: My outlet covers are "eye sores" on my new back splash.  Can they be disguised?
A: Outlet covers can be painted to blend in with any surface they are on.  Examples are glass tile (see picture), marble, granite, slate, limestone etc. Artistically disguising the covers will make them virtually disappear into the background.  I

If the area around the outlet is being fauxed by us, then the outlets are always a complimentary process we do for you as part of our detailed work. 

If you are hiring us to do only your plates, then prices will vary starting at $25 for the first plate (per any same-one-finish-area), thereafter $10 a plate for the same area.

If the finish is difficult to copy, the first plate could be as high as $125 (in any same-one-finish-area), thereafter $10 - $25 per plate, and depending on time it takes to execute the finish.  (A trip charge of $50 will apply if wall plates are the only reason for our visit.)

Q:  I am considering a mural, but I don't want to spend the money and then leave it behind when I move. Do you have any suggestions?

A:  Absolutely.  We can create your mural on canvas and attach it to the wall with removable wall paper paste.   It looks beautiful, almost imperceptible that it is not painted directly on the wall and it is then easily removed and repositioned when desired.

Q:  I am selling my home.  Can you give me ideas to help it sell?
A:  Making you home more desirable to the buyer is a good idea.  Let us refresh, update, and make your home more valuable before you put it on the market.  For someone wishing to sell their home, we usually suggest eye-catching and elegant, neutral finishes for guest baths and entry ways.
Most of the time, money spent “setting” your home, before putting it on the market, pays off with more interested people and a better selling price.